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wedge night


The Indian Ocean Drive opened in September 2010 and with it, it opened the wedge settlement to the observer effect – which refers to changes that observation will make on the phenomenon being observed. These images are a survey of shacks and the environment of the unique wedge habitat. The wedge night images were shot during one full and two blue moons in the winter of 2012.


wedge night is available for preview on blurb:


wedge night stump

wedge night


stusha wedge stump

wedge night


stusha wedge night stump stumpfel

wedge night

wedge night stusha stumpfel stump

wedge night

stusha studio stump artwork

book is available for preview on blurb:


stusha studio andrew stumpfel art and design sculpture

stusha studio stump artworks

stusha studio graphics book is available for preview on blurb:


stusha studio andrew stumpfel communications logos symbols publications

stusha studio graphics

kensington night

Just like in Proof – a black comedy about a blind man who takes photographs in Jocelyn Moorhouse’s 1991 debut feature – these
photographs are taken blind in the dark.

The camera sees in the dark and reveals the universe of a suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

kensington night is available for preview on blurb:


stump stusha studio

kensington night


stusha studio stump stumpfel

kensington night

stusha studio stump stumpfel

kensington night

rottnest night


The supermoon [ lunar perigee or perigee syzygy moon ] occurs once every 412 days, or so, when its orbit brings it closest to the earth [ 356,953 km ]. When it coincides with

a full moon it is called a super perigee moon. On 5 may 2012 we shot rottnest with a 14{c5910e020184c4b256912a03dcc078e7cbd5b576eb0812df8c3db9fcab1591a1} larger and 30{c5910e020184c4b256912a03dcc078e7cbd5b576eb0812df8c3db9fcab1591a1} brighter moon.


people who were there:


kevin burnett
paul dennis
pauline franklyn
ursula shaw
karen snowball
tom vanderveen


rottnest night is available for preview on blurb:



stusha stump stumpfel

rottnest night



glass manifesto cleaver street


glass manifesto + stusha studio worked on the proteus project in 2010. In 2011 glass manifesto deconstructed the cleaver street studio. Images of constructions and the deconstruction documents that period of time.


glass manifesto cleaver street is available for preview on blurb:


glass manifesto + stusha studio

glass manifesto cleaver street

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