stusha studio

stusha studio is an art and design practice

public art

pillars of light are a series of three landmarks in armadale, western australia. They are pellucid plexiglass towers lit with leds.

pillars of light

sculptor sculpture perth western australia artist andrew stumpfel

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andrew stumpfel stusha studio
breathing figures came out of an artist in residency at the cannery arts centre in esperance, western australia with the local community and the manager – andre lipscombe. to inspire is to breath in and relates to the arts centre as a place of inspiration. the project references the change of air for the people in the hinterland.
andrew stumpfel stusha studio
breathing figures, cannery arts centre, esperance
andrew stumpfel stusha studio
breathing figures, community arts project making in granite
stump stumpfel stusha
shark bay immersion
denham stum stusha stumpfel
studio fabrication including glass making
stump stumpfel stusha
denham building screen
stump stusha stumpfel
denham screen
stump stumpfel stusha
pregnant horse
stump stumpfel stusha
winged figures
stump stumpfel stusha
shenton college weaving
fiona stanley hospital wayfing and hydropool

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